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Do I need permission from my lender to split my lot?

If there is an outstanding mortgage on your property, you will need to get written permission from your lender in the form of a partial release of mortgage.
If your lender won't agree to a partial release, you can refinance your mortgage with a different lender. Keep in mind that your lease terms and interest rates may change as a result of the refinance.

Why are some cities more expensive than others?

Some cities have a more complex application and permitting process, which requires more work on our end. Our fees are relative to the difficulty of the process and our level of prior experience with the's city planning department.

How much does it cost to split my lot?

Like most SB 9 questions, it depends on your city. We charge a base fee for our labor, then pass applicable permitting, third-party specialist, and impact fees on to you with no mark-up.

How will a lot split impact my home value and property taxes?

Your property will be smaller following the split, which causes a slight drop in home value (usually around 10% for a 60/40 split).
The lot split won't affect property taxes, although you can request to have your property reevaluated following the split to see if you'll owe less.
SB 9 does not seem to affect a property's Prop 13 status, but it will reset when a lot is sold.

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