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Housing in California is unaffordable.

But new laws empower citizens to increase the housing supply and unlock the potential of their property.
illustration of possible sb 9 duplexillustration of possible sb 9 single family homeillustration of possible sb 9 single family home

As housing and policy experts,

we can assure you that California’s housing crisis isn’t caused by a lack of architectural imagination. For decades, Single-family zoning and lengthy review processes have made it nearly impossible for multifamily projects to pass through permitting, while neighborhood groups protest every proposed development. And the typical Californian mode of building— suburban sprawl — has devastating effects on community, climate, and social cohesion. We were determined to find a way to address these problems and create more homes.

Our first solution was to build accessory dwelling units, which let homeowners expand their property value while adding much-needed housing options to the rental market. After California relaxed its ADU restrictions in 2017, this was the most effective way to add backyard homes.

In September 2021, however, everything changed.

Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 9 into law, significantly expanding urban infill opportunities within the state. Now, all urban single-family zones must allow two primary homes on a lot, plus the ADUs and JADUs already granted under state law. Qualifying lots can be split into two, and modest housing can be built on the smaller resulting lots. And, most importantly, the review process is streamlined, with no public hearing or nebulous, subjective feedback from planning departments or NIMBY neighbors.

We knew this was the moment we were waiting for, the catalyst to usher in the housing revolution.

But we can’t do it alone.

We all need to work together at scale to solve the housing crisis by fundamentally changing our approach to zoning and development.

With SB 9 and Homestead, we have the power to help:

  • Expand homeownership
  • Create walkable communities
  • Lower our carbon footprint
  • End displacement

And we are dedicated to supporting SB 9 and everyone it benefits.

our values

Homestead’s mission is to power a grassroots movement to reshape housing in America.

Housing for All

First and foremost, we're here to create more homes

Think Big

The housing shortage is a problem that can only be solved at scale

Work Together

Align individuals and organizations to help end the crisis

Move First

Be proactive and don’t wait for everything to be figured out and tidy

Prioritize Transparency

Prioritize clarity internally and externally to stay on the same page

Sustainable Living

Use our scale to improve building practices to shape communities for the better

Ways to work with us

See if your property qualifies for SB 9.


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1423 Stanford Dr

  • Zoned for residential
  • In a flood zone
  • Not in a fault zone
  • Not in a high fire zone
  • Zoned for SB 9